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Stand out or just blend in: the role of food packaging

Stand out or just blend in: the role of food packaging

Which are the musts of a good packaging? Innovation, functionality and design.

Nowadays these three features have become of fundamental importance also in food sector. When talking about food packaging, we refer to an actual mean of communication, not only to a protective wrapping.

A bold aesthetic, attention to detail, originality of the package add value to the content.

Stand out or just blend in: business competition takes place on other levels, not just that of product characteristics.

According to an IPSOS survey, 72% of respondents believe that packaging design often influences their shopping preferences, a confirmation that packaging is the factor that can really make a difference in a marketing strategy.

What catches the consumer’s attention?

The buying process is influenced by all five senses, but it is always the sight that plays the main role. Shapes and colours are the distinctive elements that first draw the customer’s attention, providing fundamental information on the item contained and then stimulating the other senses.

First impressions count: if the external image arises positive feelings, it will remain more impressed in the consumer’s mind and will lead him to buy that brand again.

An original and well design package actively participates in the brand awareness and brand loyalty strategy. It expresses the values and ethics of that brand, it engages the consumers who empathize with it, in a few words it is a key factor for being successful on the market.

How to make your packaging original and captivating?

Building a brand and his reputation is no small feat, Leonardus with his thirty years’ experience in the holographic packaging, will help you carrying out your projects.

The use of holography, with its reflections and bright colors, is particularly apt for seasonal promotions, the release of limited editions, the launch of a novelty on the market or the restyling of a brand. Thanks to its versatility, it can be applied to labels, boxes and flexible packaging.

Not only design, but also safety is important, Leonardus holographic film is certified for food contact.

Do you need some inspiration? Take a look at our portfolio here

Whatever your strategy is, do not let your brand go unnoticed, enrich it, embellish it, personalize it and give a boost to sales.