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About us


Leonardus was established in the early 90s from its current ownership with the aim of starting an industrial manufacturing of holographic material, mainly for the publishing industry.
The ability to internally manage the whole production cycle, from the laser generation of the holographic image to the setting of the finished product in sheets or reels, along with a constant technological development, soon allowed Leonardus to enter other markets such as packaging, paper industry and anti-counterfeiting.
Nowadays Leonardus collaborates with brand leaders, graphic studios and converters who employ holographic foils and papers in cosmetics, health care, food and confectionery packaging.
Holography enhances the brand value and aesthetic, but it can also be employed for security purposes. The unique features of each pattern are very difficult to replicate and make holography particularly suitable for brand protection against counterfeiting.
Efficiency, flexibility of processes and applications, unique designs, unlimited custom options are our keys to keep up with an increasingly demanding market.
Share with us your ideas and projects:


Leonardus’ integrated production system allows us to manage the entire process, from the idea to the final realization


Thanks to an innovative laser system we are able to generate customised holograms with multiple 3D effects which, applied for example to a standard label, will protect your products from counterfeiting


The copy of the holographic master is completely managed within the company thanks to galvanic procedures, which allow us to guarantee the uniqueness of the products


Versatility in offering the holographic effect on different supports to better meet the needs of your customer. We can turn any support already in use into a holographic one.


We can supply our holographic foils already laminated to self-adhesive paper and cardboard. You just have to load them in your printing machine and process them.